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Publicaciones Académicos ICP


Umut Aydin 
Attitudes toward Collusion in ChileJournal of Competition Law & Economics. 2020

Umut Aydin
 with Javier Tapia. "Chile: A hybrid competition law and policy model" 2020, Concurrences 3-2020: 204-208. 

Giovanni Agostinis & Stefano Palestini  
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Nicole Jenne 
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Nicole Jenne
 ¿Aumenta la participación en operaciones de paz la capacidad de las fuerzas armadas en interactuar con actores civiles? Una evaluación del aprendizaje en el caso de las Fuerzas Armadas chilenas. En: Estudos Internacionais 8(2) 2020

Nicole Jenne Bridging the Pacific Ocean? Tactical Maneuvering Instead of Grand Strategy in Chile’s Foreign Policy toward Southeast Asia
. Asian Politics & Policy. First published: 17 May 2020 https://doi.org/10.1111/aspp.12519

Nicole Jenne
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Nicole Jenne 
The domestic origins of no-war communities. Journal of International Relations & Development (2020)

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Stefano Palestini
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